Digital Artist: Eiko Ojala


Eiko Ojala started out with the basic of all art forms- drawing. Influenced by his father, who was an architect, and extra leisure time, he evolved over the years by branching out to other forms of the creative process. Eventually coming across paper cutting and used his skills in design to enhance his creative flow by using illustrator and photoshop. Most of his work is based on nature, the contrast between light and shadows, and the unfinished vibe given off from Japanese zen paintings.  Ojala has worked with the NY Times, the V&A museum, Harvard Business Review, local newspapers, and some book publishers.




Paper Cuts by Eiko Ojala for V&A Museum

Paper Cuts by Eiko Ojala for V&A Museum

Paper Cut by Eiko Ojala for The NY Times

Paper Cut by Eiko Ojala for The NY Times


Self Portrait

I enjoyed the Self portrait project, the only thing i regretted was not using more photos that were original to manipulate for my image. Throughout the image I created, I used pictures from google of the hobbies that I love most because they make up who I am. Crocheting and art in general take up majority of my time these days, so I sort of stylized a picture of myself with a collage of crochet images while placing art in the background as if I was walking through a museum.


Propaganda Poster Finished

During the process of creating this poster, I found it difficult to portray what I wanted my viewers to be aware of. I didn’t want it to seem strict or like it was actually “telling” someone to use a condom, but to think about the possibilities if they did. I made it playful to catch peoples’ eye but the image I made was a little confusing for most when seeing it for the first time. “Put a Leash On It” was meant  for the female viewer to tell her that she’s in charge (another reason the male figure has a leash around his neck) and that being pressured to do something that involves her possibly becoming a victim of a simple and yet harmless act. Ramirez_propagandaposter

Propaganda Proposal

For my poster, I plan to raise concern on preventing sexually transmitted diseases. My main focus is to catch the female viewers attention that they are in control of their “extracurricular activities” and to take precautions when doing so. Every decision has its consequences and some consequences have a long term effect on your life, like pregnancy or STDs. I want to portray the message without being bold and ‘in your face’ so that the viewer knows that its not something you have to do, but something to think about and be aware of.

Self Portrait Proposal

Self portraiture is a reflection of multiple characteristics you yourself feel are you’re standout points, such as: hobbies/passions, family/friends, facial features, prized possessions, memories, etc.

For this project, I intend on incorporating my addiction for arts and crafts by manipulating collaged images I’ve personally taken and images provided through Google.

Folded Book Project: Why so serious?

My main goal was to use portraits and serious photography and just play around with it. I decided to tweak the viewer’s emotion from serious to playful, and to do so, I figured that using the heads of other animals/species would bring a little bit of humor to my images. I enjoy this project but only wish I could do more to each image. Why so simple?








Ramirez_lemur head foldedbook pg 5



























*To be continued…

Surreal Assignment


    For my surreal assignment, I created a believable space using photographs I’ve taken from my visit to Niagara Falls, in Canada, my sketchbook, and my home. Going into this project, my theme is based on intertwining both natural images (of nature/landscape) and images that have been transferred through illustration (drawing/painting) to create a fictional world. I feel that my image is successful as an idea, but could use more sketches to incorporate more of a balanced composition and give the viewer more interest.


Surreal Landscape