Monthly Archives: February 2014

Self Portrait Proposal

Self portraiture is a reflection of multiple characteristics you yourself feel are you’re standout points, such as: hobbies/passions, family/friends, facial features, prized possessions, memories, etc.

For this project, I intend on incorporating my addiction for arts and crafts by manipulating collaged images I’ve personally taken and images provided through Google.


Folded Book Project: Why so serious?

My main goal was to use portraits and serious photography and just play around with it. I decided to tweak the viewer’s emotion from serious to playful, and to do so, I figured that using the heads of other animals/species would bring a little bit of humor to my images. I enjoy this project but only wish I could do more to each image. Why so simple?








Ramirez_lemur head foldedbook pg 5



























*To be continued…

Surreal Assignment


    For my surreal assignment, I created a believable space using photographs I’ve taken from my visit to Niagara Falls, in Canada, my sketchbook, and my home. Going into this project, my theme is based on intertwining both natural images (of nature/landscape) and images that have been transferred through illustration (drawing/painting) to create a fictional world. I feel that my image is successful as an idea, but could use more sketches to incorporate more of a balanced composition and give the viewer more interest.


Surreal Landscape