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Self Portrait

I enjoyed the Self portrait project, the only thing i regretted was not using more photos that were original to manipulate for my image. Throughout the image I created, I used pictures from google of the hobbies that I love most because they make up who I am. Crocheting and art in general take up majority of my time these days, so I sort of stylized a picture of myself with a collage of crochet images while placing art in the background as if I was walking through a museum.



Propaganda Poster Finished

During the process of creating this poster, I found it difficult to portray what I wanted my viewers to be aware of. I didn’t want it to seem strict or like it was actually “telling” someone to use a condom, but to think about the possibilities if they did. I made it playful to catch peoples’ eye but the image I made was a little confusing for most when seeing it for the first time. “Put a Leash On It” was meant  for the female viewer to tell her that she’s in charge (another reason the male figure has a leash around his neck) and that being pressured to do something that involves her possibly becoming a victim of a simple and yet harmless act. Ramirez_propagandaposter